In the heart of the Julian Alps is one of the oldest national parks in all of Europe. Slovenia’s Triglav National Park is a dominant feature of this small nation – covering as much as 4% of the entire country (880 square kilometers). But, it isn’t just the age and size that make Triglav outstanding. The exceptional treasures found within its rugged beauty sets it apart.


Here are just 4 features within Triglav National Park that you will love:



Vogel Ski Resort


Take a cable car ride up to the top year-round for an unforgettable view of the Julian Alps.


While Vogel is best known as a perfect ski destination in winter, in other seasons you can mountain hike or enjoy a panoramic view while eating the yummy traditional homemade food.


Lake Bohinj


Lake Bohinj swimming

Summer scene at Lake Bohinj


Lake Bohinj is Slovenia’s largest permanent natural lake and it is splendid. In the summer months the lake is busily surrounded by swimmers, picnickers, and sport enthusiasts. In other months, the still majesty of nature inspires quiet reflection.




Savica waterfall (slap Savica)


Savica waterfall

No wonder it is the most visited waterfall!


The dramatic Savica waterfall is so attractive and impressive it has earned the designation as the most famous and most visited “slap” in all of Slovenia. An A-shaped cascade falls 78 meters into a crystal-clear turquoise pool.


St. John the Baptist Church


St John the Baptist Church, Lake Bohinj

Gorgeous any time of year


The picturesque Church of St. John the Baptist is about 700 years old. It is quaintly perched next to a stone bridge, right on the edge of Lake Bohinj. The architecture of this iconic structure spans Romanticism to Baroque periods and boasts the oldest frescoes found in Slovenia.


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