You should plan to visit to Slovenia and Croatia. You really should. It is breathtakingly beautiful, one of the safest countries in the world, has as much charm as the iconic European cities, and yet avoids the crush of crowds. Any time of year is spectacular, but at some point in your life, you must visit Croatia and Slovenia in the autumn.



Here are 5 Reasons to visit Slovenia and Croatia in Autumn


THE FALL CLIMATE – Slovenia and Croatia experience a lot of climate variability depending on where you are. For example, while the mountain region may be quite pleasant in the summer, the coast will be hot and dry. Or, while the coast may experience mild winters, the mountains can be inaccessible and dark. To experience the entire country (as we do on our tours), autumn is ideal.



THE FALL FOLIAGE – Deep reds, burnt oranges, brilliant yellows… Slovenia and Croatia are brilliant and unforgettable in autumn. You can also expect to capture some awe-inspiring photography as the trees interplay with the water.


Fall colors



THE FALL HARVEST – Fall is the time of year when truffles, grapes, olives and other bounty from the land are harvested. Not only can you taste new wines and olives, but you can find opportunities to participate in the celebration of wine-making and olive pressing. It’s a great party going on all over the country. Also exciting is the truffle harvest. The white truffles, considered the crème-de-la-crème of truffles grow between September and January and are featured during the fall months.


A local wine craftsman lays out an autumn feast to celebrate the fruit of his vine.



THE FALL WATER – You might have a bit more rain in autumn than you’d have in summer’s high season, but don’t let that stop you from getting outdoors! The streams, rivers, gorges and waterfalls are full and flowing this time of year and in fall they are warmer than spring. Underground water also bubbles up this time of year, creating temporary lakes in delightfully unexpected places.


In autumn the waterfalls are abundant!



THE FALL TRANQUILITY – There is a serene hush in the autumn when things are slowing down for winter that is hard to describe unless you have been there. Sweaters are being donned for the first time in the evenings. Chestnuts are roasting in the squares. Wine is mulling. It is nourishing to the soul to get out in nature and the small villages after the crowds have gone home. Even Ljubliana, the capital city of Slovenia, feels calm and peaceful in the autumn.



Rovinj’s streets are tranquil when summer comes to an end


Contact us if you’d like to customize a tour for a group of friends, family, co-workers and experience Croatia and Slovenia in autumn. Or, if you’re a photographer, check out this opportunity!