When you choose to travel with Niteo Tours for your vacation you will be very aware of the many obvious benefits. As a company, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality guides, enriching experiences, comfortable and beautiful hotels, and first-class service. But did you know that Niteo is also working hard behind the scenes to ensure that your travel dollars are being invested into the lives of people in the countries we visit? Your vacation is doing a WORLD OF GOOD for others.




  1. Supporting the livelihood of local ministers and missionaries. In the last decade, giving to missionaries and ministries worldwide has drastically declined. Niteo Tours was designed to fill the income gap experienced by many people who minister in other countries.  Niteo Tours provides fair employment to help supplement the income of foreign missionaries as well as local people who are committed to making a spiritual difference in their home country. Your travel dollars help to employ tour guides, cooks, drivers, artisans, musicians, farmers and other service providers in a way that doesn’t disrupt–but rather enhances–their primary focus in ministry.


  1. Investing in Christian-owned businesses. Through intentionally finding and engaging quality hotels, restaurants, and tour venues that are owned and operated by local Christians, we are helping to build a strong Christian business community and foster the dreams and callings of our brothers and sisters around the world. Although all of our providers are not yet all Christian-owned, our goal is to have 100% Christian business partners in countries where that is feasible, while never compromising quality or service.


  1. Donating Profits. Although Niteo is a for-profit business, it was created with a business-as-mission model in mind. Our goal is to plow the overflow of our resources back into the mission field in a variety of ways.


  1. Reaching the Heart.  Often when people take a vacation that introduces them to great local people, history, and culture, they come away with a heart and vision for those people and that place, and a desire to be a part of what the Lord is doing there.


  1. Lighting the World. We believe that by simply inviting and encouraging Christians to travel, we are helping to spread the love of Christ and His message of good news throughout the world.

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