We like to say that Niteo Tours wasn’t founded by us, it found us. 


We were asking the question: “What business could we develop that would sustainably support Christian work around the world? “ After spending time in prayer, several people independently presented us with the same idea: Start a travel company that partners with local people who are doing great things for God. Almost immediately we identified many direct and indirect benefits to this combination. Now, years later, we are very happily in the business of doing what we love (creating excellent, dream vacations for those who love to travel and explore) and supporting what we believe in (investing in God-sized dreams that are changing lives around the world). 


As you read our bios, you’ll probably conclude that it isn’t too surprising God led us to the idea of travel as the business to pursue. Each of our personal histories is embedded in Christian mission and a passionate appreciation for the way God reveals Himself through countries and cultures. We hope your heart will resonate with the calling – Travel that does a world of good.

Kjell Garborg

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Kjell’s early years in the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and Mexico infused in him an enthusiasm for adventure—especially those involving hiking, diving, exploring, photography, and good food. He’ll do and try just about anything.


Kjell’s experience in management and background in missions find their perfect match in Niteo Tours. He has a knack for seeing the big picture and then putting systems into place to make them happen. His responsibilities include tour development (if there’s an out-of-the-way treasure, he’ll find it), overseeing the vision and direction of Niteo Tours, providing financial leadership, and sprinkling every situation with humor.


“I love the diversity of God’s creation and the wide variety expressed in different cultures. Travel expands our vision, and in a world often divided gives us a chance to see outside our own small circles.”


Carol Garborg

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From eight to eighteen, Carol was content to live tucked away in rural Brazil as an missionary kid. After college, she discovered travel and her world exploded. She’s held several leadership positions in both ministry and missions and holds degrees in theology and missions as well as family ministries.


Carol’s experience in organizing high-level events combined with a desire for excellence make her a perfect fit for Niteo Tours. Her responsibilities include tour development, sales, and liaison for groups customizing a tour—and expanding everyone’s culinary horizons with new recipes from overseas.


“More and more I realize that God is too big to be contained in any single culture. Every country is a unique expression of who he is. The more you travel, the more you discover about God.”


Amy Haley

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In her senior year of high school, Amy’s well-laid plans for a career took a turn when she attended a missions conference. For three years, Amy traveled everywhere from Venezuela to Russia, assisting local churches with discipleship. She’s explored many places since, as a leisure traveler and for ministry. For over 10 years, she served on the leadership team of a Canadian missions agency.


Amy is a connector who has a gift for seeing possibilities in both people and situations. She’s also a skilled designer. Her responsibilities at Niteo Tours include marketing, design, and encouraging those around her.


“One of my greatest joys has been introducing my kids to the giving and receiving that takes place when we embrace the people and places beyond our borders.”


John Haley

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John grew up on an isolated cattle ranch in west Texas, 70 miles from the nearest movie theater. When he was ten, John spent two years living and studying on a ship in the Mediterranean. From then on, traveling became a large part of his connections, experiences, and opportunities–especially as it relates to ministry.


An entrepreneur by nature and profession, John is a visionary who follows through on the ideas that God gives him. He and his wife have founded several businesses. John also served as a laywer for the Billy Graham Association. As lawyer-in-residence, his responsibilities with Niteo Tours include providing counsel, leadership, and occasional material for a few lawyer jokes.


“I am excited to be a part of a business with a goal to sustainably support God’s work and His people around the world.”