We are the travelers who select spots on the map to visit because we heard about a guy who had an interesting story to tell, or we wanted to meet the lady who has an art form that only four people in the world can duplicate. We are those people who rent the four-wheel drive and interview the locals to find the tucked away beach that is prized for its undisturbed beauty. We have also been known to eagerly accept the dinner invitation when a guy in a fish shop brags about his grandmother’s recipe (yep, we really did that).


So, it isn’t surprising that when we discussed what we wanted Niteo Tours to offer travelers, one of our biggest priorities was to offer what we love – a vacation that is rich in the extraordinary! We were convinced that there are people out there just like us. Sure, it takes more digging and more crafting to create a unique experience, but the results are memories that cannot be duplicated in exactly the same way ever again.


6 Priorities of Niteo Tours that Produces Culturally Rich Vacations


1. We use LOCAL GUIDES who have demonstrated an interest and commitment to a deeper cultural experience. They treasure the off-road secrets and are constantly following leads to new opportunities and growth. They are also eager to share their deep understanding of the place they call home.


2. We highlight AUTHENTIC LOCAL CUISINE. We LOVE food and pay careful attention to showcase it in a variety of ways – from world-class tasting menus in Slovenia to squatting around a cooking fire in an outdoor kitchen in Vietnam.


3. We intentionally look for hands-on activities and demonstrations that ENCOURAGE EXPLORATION. For example, we don’t just walk through a coffee museum in Guatemala or listen to a lecture. We visit a farmer’s small hillside dotted with coffee plants and we listen to him tell his personal story of war and poverty and Starbucks. We ask any question that pops to mind. We examine coffee; pick it; weigh it; taste it; and understand it in its context.


4. We get to know LOCAL PEOPLE. There are other tour companies out there that introduce clients to wine-makers, crafters, beekeepers and the like, but our aim isn’t just to meet people. Our aim is to get to know people. We build situations and timetables that allow for a deeper personal connection. This is a huge part of what makes Niteo a success and makes people want to return.


5. We pull away from the crowds for a FRONT-ROW EXPERIENCE. Who wants to stand in a line 30 people deep to catch a glimpse of a waterfall only to have the next in line push you along? We believe that culturally rich vacations, by necessity, need space and quiet for detailed observation. Our timing and selections are made with this in mind.


6. We prioritize TELLING THE UNIQUE STORY of every region and culture we visit through experiences. How did the war impact this family in the mountains? What does it mean to have a water buffalo in the backyard? How many different ways can we eat rice in this market? Why does this village specialize in iron crafts? The answers to these questions are more complex and life changing than it seems at first glance.



Our vision is, and always has been, to meld an excellent travel experience with a deep, rich (and life changing) cultural connection.


A Niteo Traveler Tries Thai Cooking with the Locals