Last week I landed in Belize, itching to get out to Ambergris Caye and be surrounded by sand, sunshine and turquoise waters.


Arriving in Belize!


One of my first stops was to a simple food stop.


The Fry Jack House doesn’t look like much. It doesn’t have a one star rating much less two or three. But I’d been there before and wow, is the food ever good! (How can turnovers stuffed with everything from seafood to cheese and beans not be good?). I also know how monstrous they are; you want to eat more but can’t. So my friend and I ordered one between us instead of two.


Discovering that little slice of Belize came with experience.


Best choices with you in mind

That’s the whole point of a curated tour–choosing the best destinations, eateries and cultural experiences for you.

Sure you could spend hours late at night combing travel websites, but who has time for that? You can read through restaurant reviews but how do you know the tastes of those making the recommendation? One of my friend’s idea of fine dining is going to Old Country Buffet. Other friends prefers a restaurant with a Michelin star. 
How are you going to know that what you read and see online is what you’ll actually get? Knowing what you get is important when you’re investing in airfare, lodging and a week of your well-deserved vacation. You want to make the right choice, the best choice. 

That’s what a curated tour is for. A curated tour means someone has done all the work so you don’t have to. They’ve taken the time to personally vet where you’re going. They do the best to ensure you don’t end up with an experience that falls short of expectations.

Dining in the jungle

Inside Story in Belize


On any given trip to a country, we visit a collection of accommodations, eateries and cultural experiences to personal vet each one. On my latest trip to Belize I was exploring a new area where one hotel was listed as a four-star hotel. The chipped tiles floors, banged up doors and holes in the bathroom walls left no doubt that it was past its prime.
Other destinations were spectacular. One of my favorites featured a wardrobe that led to a secret sitting area and veranda. Another boasted room after room of local works of art.


Each hanging lamp overlooking this hotel foyer is handwoven by community women.

This lodge set in a cluster of botanical gardens exceeded expectations; the perfect place for a Niteo guest.


Curated for You


With a curated tour, you can be confident that what you see is what you’ll get. The chances of unpleasant surprises or wasted time diminishes because someone has taken the time to make sure your vacation is everything you want it to be.

In my case, this isn’t a “have to” because making people happy makes me happy. It’s the very least I can do. There’s no better reward than having someone coming back from a trip and saying, “That was amazing!”


One of many spectacular Belizean sunsets