When it comes to eating brownies, I’d much rather sink my teeth into a corner piece than an edge or a middle slice. There’s something about that extra dollop of frosting on the corner that calls my name. When it comes to travel, though, I’m definitely a center slice person.


Saturday we’re heading to the center slice of Mexico and overlooking, for a while at least, the corner and edge pieces of Mexico that people are usually drawn to—think Cancun, Cabo, Cozumel hotspots. Their reputation is understandable of course. Who wouldn’t want to laze on a pristine beach with salty waves lapping at your toes, especially in the middle of February?


But sometimes travel calls for venturing deeper into the heart of the country. So a trip into what’s called the Soul of Mexico seemed fitting. Old World Charm this side of the Atlantic. Sprawling avocado plantations. Stunning scenery. Mexican cuisine. You get the picture.


Starting Sunday, we’re heading to colonial Mexico. And we want to invite you to follow along here on the blog or on FB or Instagram and give us your input.

Tell us what you think.

What intrigues you.

What you’d like to see more of.

Your feedback will help future travelers!


Photo courtesy of Brian Overcast

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