For years, the closest thing to a guided tour I ever took was during a trip to Norway. Tucked in the tiny town of Å at the tip of the Lofoten Islands is a small fishing museum housed in a 19th century barn. I wandered the rooms and listened to our docent, fascinated to learn about the ancient village, the hard life of fishermen in the area, and about the unique process of preparing to ship one of Norway’s top exports, fish.


This was my hint of what a full-fledged privately guided tour would be like—something that could help one explore, encounter, and embrace the new culture around them.


Cod drying on large wooden racks
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Cod drying on large wooden racks



What is a full-fledged small group tour?
 A small group tour is a package trip led by a private guide. People sign up as an individual, a couple, a group of friends, or a larger group, like a church leadership or women’s ministry team. This group travels together during the duration of the tour visiting cultural sites, restaurants, and other key destinations, all based on a specific itinerary.


Here are just five of the many advantages of small group tours:


Convenience – Oh the places you can go, but the work it can take to get there. Our trip to Norway was a gift my father and mother-in law gave to their kids and grandkids. They booked hotels, checked ferry schedules, rented cars, and reviewed restaurants. What did the rest of us do? We savored our vacation. On a Niteo Tour, we do the planning, scheduling, and booking and take care of infinite details so you can relax and enjoy.



Value – A small group tour gives you the benefit of a privately guided tour in a completely affordable way. Because you’re sharing the cost with a small group of people, you have personalized service at a reasonable price.


Variety – Good tours blend cultural experiences, definite don’t-miss destinations, and free time. You might visit cathedrals and the famous Piazza Grande in Arezzo, Italy in the morning, go on a hike in the afternoon, and then spend evening free time wandering boutiques and sitting down to fine pasta. Tours provide structure as well as flexibility.




Access – Niteo Tour groups range in size from four to sixteen people. Traveling with a small group opens up opportunities that an individual wouldn’t have access to and would be impractical for a larger group. Near Citerna, Italy, for instance, Niteo small groups step into the kitchen of a local chef and watch her prepare an amazing array of truffle dishes.




Opportunity for new friendships Taking a tour gives you the chance to meet other like-minded travelers. You’ve all picked the same country, itinerary, and share the same interest for the up-close cultural interaction at the heart of Niteo Tours. It could be that you’ll meet new friends who will last a lifetime.




Embedded into every Niteo Tour is value, variety, convenience and the opportunity for unique experiences.

Have you ever gone on a small group tour? What was your experience?


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