How did you meet your best friend? I met mine when our kids were small and we were both looking for accountability to an exercise routine. We were trying to get our kids outside running and climbing up slides so they would take long naps. We were living paycheck to paycheck and learning how to take care of our young families. We had so much in common. It just seemed easy to spend our days in each other’s company.


Shared interests bring friends together. Wasn’t it shared interests that brought you and your friends together?

It’s Scientific


Scientists recently studied friendship in an attempt to understand what contributes to forming strong bonds. They found that “having the same enthusiasms and hobbies” was the most consistent phenomenon that led to friend groups, even more so than likeability! In turns out that we gravitate to people who share our interests and are more willing to form bonds with them. Read about the study here.


With this in mind it isn’t too hard to see why group travel can lead to deep friendships – either with those we choose to take along or with those we meet along the way. International travel quite naturally attracts people who are alike in many ways. Travelers typically enjoy new experiences, food, culture, and learning. They are adventurous and adaptable.  Combine these mutual interests around a carefully crafted itinerary aimed at making every day enjoyable and science says you have a prime opportunity to make a friend or deepen the bonds you already have.



Bringing Friends Together…


As a tour company, we really enjoy thinking about how to create an itinerary that brings people of shared interests together.  When my friend, Carol, and I returned from Thailand we both came home wanting to share many of the experiences with our girlfriends – this country had elements that made it an ideal destination for women. So, we set out to create a “Girlfriend Getaway to Thailand” tour. This tour not only promotes what is so endearing and unforgettable about the country, it also provides opportunities for women to connect in friendship. We couldn’t be happier with how it has all come together!


This could be your opportunity to spend 10 days with women around shared activities you mutually enjoy. Although we can’t guarantee that you will make a friend for life, we think that the science in on our side.


Check out the complete itinerary for the October 2019 Girlfriend Getaway to Thailand.


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Come along on the 2019 Girlfriend Getaway to Thailand, the Land of Smiles!


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