Travel around the world and you’d think you’d come away with a few favorite destinations. While I do have my favorites, what I’m finding out instead is that traveling brings a fresh appreciation for what each country uniquely offers. Wrapped up in each country are opportunities and insights the others can’t touch. And under-discovered places like Guatemala are no different.


After an amazing trip to Guatemala, I decided to write down a couple of things that make it so special. Here are three of my favorite things about Guatemala, a place definitely worth exploring:


#1 – Every kind of landscape you can imagine.

Imagine waking up and looking out your window at a steaming volcano. How cool is that? And depending where you are in the country, you can discover not only steaming volcanoes but lush rain forests, towering mountains, sprawling coffee plantations not to mention black sand beaches and fresh water lakes. The country is just downright beautiful!


Guatemala Volcano-View-From-Hillt-115471475


Brilliant colors everywhere

Whether you’re at the market or on the road, vibrant colors keep your eyes dancing. Nothing about the flowers, marketplace handiwork, houses, and clothing is subtle. They’re happy colors that seem to defy the difficulties the country and people have endured, both in recent years as well as in the past. I couldn’t help but think that those bold colors hint at the resilient spirit that’s inside the hearts of each Guatemalan.


Colorful streets of Guatemala's former capital, Antigua

Colorful streets of Guatemala’s former capital, Antigua



Guatemala Mayan textiles

Brilliant Mayan textiles


Untouchable hospitality

My friend once said, “It’s hard not to feel welcome in Guatemala.” And it’s true. Guatemalan people have got hospitality down to a science. Warm, welcoming people with big smiles and generous hearts make this a place where you feel at home.

Mucho gusto,” people often say while shaking your hand. That is, “It’s nice to meet you.” And that’s how you feel wherever you go—like people are genuinely pleased to make your acquaintance and to help as much as they can.


Guatemala City people

Two welcoming village girls near Guatemala City




Do you have any Guatemala favorites?




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