Traveling does a person a world of good. After all, how can wandering the streets of Chiang Mai, snacking on skewers of grilled shrimp and slurping fresh fruit smoothies not be good. Or lazing on the beach with an ice-cold lemonade in hand. Or hiking along the wildflower-covered ridge of the Soca Valley. That’s what vacations are all about—rest, relaxing, and exploring. Even science concurs that travel is good for you. But travel does good in a different way too.



Another Kind of Good

When you travel with Niteo Tours, you’re vacation does another type of good—the giving-back community-building good. As a company, we’re committed to providing you with quality guides, enriching experiences, comfortable and beautiful hotels, and first-class service. But we also network with local Christians and ministries in the countries visited, so that your travel dollars are invested in local communities. Your vacation is doing those people and communities a WORLD OF GOOD.


Here’s how your vacation does good…


A Real-Life Story of How Your Vacation Does Good

Once upon a time there were two little boys who lived in northern Thailand. One was seven years older and one was five years old. To say their lives were a little chaotic would be an understatement. Their mother was mentally challenged. They had two different fathers. The older boy had no idea who his father was. The dad of the younger boy had taken recently his own life.


What would happen to the two brothers? A local woman knew the excellent reputation of a Thai Christian home for children and contacted the local authorities with their information. The local government paid the home a visit and was impressed with the work there.


“Would you take these two boys?” the government official asked. “Could they come and live in your home?”


“How can we say no?” replied Ms. Noot, head of Jasper Kids Home and surrogate mother and mentor to many.


On that day, the two little brothers went to live in their new home. And while no one can take the place of a mother and father, today Jasper Kids is giving “Benjamin” and “Joseph”…


stability in the middle of chaos and upheaval,

mentors who love, encourage, and pray for them,

the privilege of a solid education,

hands-on learning of basic life skills,

the advantage of learning English from Thai staff fluent in the language,

the opportunity to hear about the life that God gives through Jesus Christ.


travel does good Jasper Kids

A few of the children of Jasper Kids


When you take a tour, your travel dollars help support places like Jasper kids. In Thailand, for instance, one hundred percent of your guide’s fees go to support Jasper Kids, helping to build a community and home for children who for one reason or another can’t live with their own parents.


If you’re planning to travel, take a vacation and do yourself and kids like Joseph and Benjamin a world of good!


What kinds of organizations, people, or ministries are you passionate about?