Travel that Transforms Italy

Italy Inspired Highlights

Seaside escape to Levanto • Artisanal shopping in Florence • Truffle hunt and private luncheon • Tuscan countryside picnic
Fine gardens and beachside hikes • Private art journaling workshop
All with daily writing, art and photography tips from your two creative coaches

You’re invited to discover the inspiration of Italy and let your senses come alive. Reconnect with the beauty of nature. Reawaken to the world around you and take in everything Italy has to offer. Through select destinations along with creative coaching from Rachel Greenhouse and Teri Sommer, you’ll discover ways to see the Tuscan countryside and waters of the Ligurain Sea in a way you may never have imagined. 

Small groups

personalized service

Private local guides
and transportation

Your curated itinerary



Arezzo, Florence’s sister city, overlooked jewel


Days 1-4, April 10-13, Day trips to select destinations. Art journaling workshop to reignite your creative spark. Daily photography + creativity prompts to support your experience of Italy through your six senses. Touch the texture of fine linens and hear the story of a family-owned artisan factory. Truffle hunt followed by a delicious luncheon made especially for you. Gorgeous garden discovery and a spectacular off-the-beaten-path visit you’ll never forget.



Cortona, charming small town Tuscany


Days 5-6, April 14-15 For the refined traveller, a gallery destination featuring a collection of handcrafted works of art. Leisurely walks through lovely panoramas that inspire joy, create memories and invite relaxation. Ample moments for solitude and self-discovery. Likewise, abundant opportunities to connect with an intimate community of open-hearted women.



Levanto, seaside escape


Days 7-9, April 16-18, Relaxing drive through beautiful Italian countryside. Picnic lunch and visit to the walled city of Lucca and its botanical garden. Light hikes along the Ligurian seaside. Tasting at a local wine shop. Exploring the stunning coastline and string of Cinque Terre’s colorful villages.



Florence, Gardens and boutique shopping



Day 10-12, April 19-21, Free time to explore museums of distinctions. Sunset views over Florence’s most famous piazza. Artisanal shopping with a local guide and an unforgettable farewell dinner before departing the next day.

Travel that Transforms

12 days in Italy

April 10-21, 2023

Tour Price


(based on double occupancy)

What does the tour price include?
* Eleven nights’ accommodation
* Breakfast plus one other meal daily
* Private transportation, inclusive of airport transfer for those arriving the first day of the tour
* All tour activities (entry fees) per itinerary
* Local English-speaking guide who’s intimately knowledgeable of the region and culture
* Daily writing, art + photography tips from creativity coaches
* 3-hour art journaling workshop
* All pre-trip information, including a detailed itinerary and travel and cultural tips
* Detailed service & personalized attention


Does not include
* International airfare to and from Florence
* Gratuities for driver, local guide and hotel staff
* Alcoholic beverages
* Optional activities

How is this tour unique?

Curated especially for women with an appreciation of nature and creativity, your tour will take you on journey of inspiration. Through art and photography coaching and select destinations, you’ll awaken to new insights and discoveries. And, because of Niteo Tours’s local connections, you’ll be introduced to cultural experiences that many often miss, resulting in an insider’s glimpse at what makes Italy a dream destination.

What are some cultural activities in this tour?

Stroll the grounds of a truffle orchard and dine with an Italian couple well-known for their amazing pasta. Hear the personal story behind a family-owned estate and gardens. Learn about the nuances of flavor in several regional dishes. 

Meet Your Creative Coaches

Teri Sommer
Hi there. I’m a simple girl, currently living near Atlanta, and learning daily to be comfortable in my own skin. My husband Ray and I have had the joy of raising a son and a daughter, and our empty nest is just around the corner! I love God, my family and I have loved photography and pictures for as long as I can remember.
From a young age, I’ve been fascinated by the beautiful cultures and people in this world and am privileged to have traveled and lived cross-culturally through the years. I can’t think of a better way to bring these passions together than with travel photography. I’m looking forward to share its many joys with you in some of the most beautiful places in the world.
Looking at the world through the lens of my camera gives me the opportunity to slow down and notice details I might overlook. I’m creatively inspired by the power of photography to freeze moments and capture experiences with nature and the world around me.
Over the years I’ve benefited from relationships with fellow travelers. My passion for taking pictures has been fueled by the generous mentoring of other photographers. My goal is to offer encouragement and inspiration as you learn to tap into your unique creativity through photography. Whether you’re using a smart phone or an XLR to document your trip, I can’t wait to walk alongside you as we explore the world together!
Rachel Greenhouse

Ciao! I’m Rachel and I grew up in a small town in Canada where I wrote poetry and read novels by the river, practiced hand lettering in front of the tv, and dreamed of living in France. My husband and I have lived in Minneapolis since the late 1990s and have two wonderful sons. I am a vocabulary nerd and studied languages at university, but pivoted into a marketing career when I discovered I had a natural talent for it. I’d been a business owner for 17 years when Covid came calling and it was time to close shop.


I’ve been reconnecting with my craving to create art and celebrate beauty in all its forms. I’ve been learning to be led by joy rather than by obligation and to embrace play and adventure in new ways. Recently I’ve fallen in love with art journaling as a healing form of creative expression.


This photo was taken on my first Niteo Girlfriends’ Trip where I was deeply nourished by the people, food, and culture of Thailand, and inspired by the beauty of my fellow travelers, including Teri.  Throughout my life, I’ve held the privileged role of collecting and connecting remarkable women. I’m passionate about helping women see their potential, discover their gifts, and prioritize their own well-being. These tours offer me the opportunity to cultivate a community of courageous women who want to see more of the world and discover more of themselves along the way.

As your Creative Coaches, we’ll fan the flames of your creative spark through creative prompts and companion coaching. We’re excited about introducing you to art journaling–an “accessible to absolutely everyone, no skills needed, no rules allowed” method for reliving your tour experiences long after you’ve returned home.


We invite you to experience the transformative power of traveling in this intentional, unparalleled way. Whether you choose Mexico, Italy, Thailand or another destination for your first Niteo Girlfriends’ Tour, simply say “YES” and you will never be the same.

© 2022. Original artwork + design by Rachel Greenhouse, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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