What they say about the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve isn’t true. It isn’t amazingly beautiful and incredibly spectacular–it’s far above words can describe. Millions of monarch butterflies fluttering in a fairytale land of orange is something you have to experience.


Scientists knew that monarch butterflies migrated to Mexico, but until the 1970s no one knew where. Or so they thought. The local villagers in El Rosario knew that every year, what they believed to be the spirits of their ancestors, alighted on one side of the mountain or the other. Today over 10,000 visitors enjoy the display of millions of butterflies.


While the pictures show the beauty, this video shows just how many butterflies there are.

We thought the monarch butterfly biosphere reserve was magnificent, but…
Have you ever visited the monarch butterfly reserve? If so, what was your reaction?
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monarch butterfly

Photos courtesy of Brian Overcast