While most people see the beach as a place to set up a low-slung chair with little ambition beyond reaching for the cooler next to them or nodding at someone walking by, there are some of you (ahem) who can’t slouch in a beach staring into the rolling waves for long before you get a little stir crazy. You are the ones who deep dive for sand dollars, build grand castles for the kids, challenge family members to physical competitions of speed, skill or endurance… anything to keep from sitting too long. You are the ones who are either engaging the next challenge and activity or, you are actively looking for your escape route.


If this describes you, listen up! Niteo Tours’ new Belize and Guatemala Adventure Tour was designed with active people in mind – people looking for a break from sitting at a desk. Fish, dive, hike, swim, climb, boat… Pack it in! This tour capitalizes on the incredible outdoor adventures available in warm and sunny Central America during the month of February (yes, we aim to please)! In addition to having a great time with friends, your vacation will be contributing to the needs of others in creative ways.


Every adventure requires a first step! Check out the full itinerary!




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