My husband and I have traveled across the world and as much as possible take our three boys with us, John, Jacob, and Joel. In our home is a map that visually references our travels. There’s one red pin on the map for each of the fourteen countries we’ve visited together.


The map makes for a good conversation starter when guests come for dinner. On seeing the map, one of the first questions they ask is, “What is your favorite destination?” They’re always surprised by our answer—Guatemala.


“Guatemala?” they say a little at a loss, “I’ve never even thought of Guatemala as a destination. So what do you like about it?”


Here are five reasons why Guatemala is our family’s favorite destination:


  • The variety of natural landscape – Guatemala is an eyeful. Lush rain forests, mountainous ranges, towering volcanoes, and sprawling beaches. There are few places as visually pleasing.


  • The endless opportunities – You can explore the jungle, hike a volcano, kayak on Lake Atitlan, shop the markets of Antigua, paddle through the mangroves or just hang out at the beach. Everyday is an unforgettable adventure.


  • The craftsmanship – Skillful wood carvings, hand-painted pottery, and leather goods are some of our family favorites. Guatemala’s greatest craft, though, is its vibrant textile weavings in rich design.


  • The culture – Guatemala is influenced by two extremely rich cultures—indigenous Mayan people and the Spanish. The country is alive with the history and tradition that the blend of these cultures brings.


  • The people – The Guatemalan people are hard working, warm, and generous. And Niteo’s global partners there take hospitality to a whole new level. It’s hard not to feel welcome in Guatemala.


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