Jenny is the kind of woman everyone likes to be around. She’s can pull out a one-liner faster than you can think and is packed with creative energy. She’s likable and people enjoy hanging out with her.


Jenny would make a great tour host! I thought.


So one day I asked her, “Would you be interested in being a tour host and having us design your own tour to Thailand?”


At first she seemed excited but that soon fizzled into hesitancy. Why, I wondered. Turns out she thought “host” meant studying up to become the Thai expert for the rest of the group. My bad!



What Are the Perks?

As a host, you get to decide where your group will travel and what kind of tour and how long it will be. Three days on Italy’s Amalfi coast, a week winding in and around the mountains in Slovenia, or discovering the warmth of Mexico’s central highlands for ten lovely days. So many possibilities!


You get to invite whoever you want, whether that’s a co-worker, business partner, or a collection of family and friends, and know the tour is set aside just for your own group.


You get to set the vision for the tour. We’ll take care making it happen. Take a couples trip to Italy, explore Belize on an adventure tour, discover great food on a women’s tour to Mexico, or take a family reunion to Thailand.

Turnkey experiences aren’t more expensive than pre-set tours if you can interest a group of like-minded people to travel with you.


Big-time Benefits!

Besides the built-in benefits of travel itself, you’ve got 3 spectacular options that multiply those gains.

#1 – You travel for FREE. If you gather a group of six or more people, your ground tour is absolutely free. Okay so airfare isn’t included, but  private transportation, hotels, activities and all the meals on the itinerary are. Pretty sweet deal.


#2 –Gift your free tour to someone who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to travel. You can gift it to a friend you’ve invited on your own tour or a family member who wants to travel on a different Niteo Tour.

Another option is to gift the free tour to someone in need. We’re more than happy to help, and make suggestions if you like. Two years ago, travel plans to Belize got upended and we were “stuck” with several rooms at a nice resort. So we reached out to a local mission worker in Belize and were able to gift the hotels to several individuals so busy serving their communities, they seldom have the chance to take a break. You can do the same with your tour.


#3 – We’ll make a donation on your behalf to any of our ministry individual partners or organizations in the countries where we offer tours. You can travel to Italy, for instance, and we’ll make a donation to PathLight in Belize. Or you can travel to Thailand and we’ll make a donation to an individual Niteo partner there or in another country. It’s entirely up to you!


Discover the benefit of inviting your own tribe to travel on a private Niteo Tour!


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