The Soca Valley in Slovenia is one of our favorites. To experience it when the wildflowers are in bloom and the rivers invite you to swim is pure heaven!


The view above the Soca Valley in Slovenia leaves one speechless.


View of the Julian Alps Soca Valley

At the top of the Julian Alps on the border of Italy and Slovenia.


We made the drive up to the top of the mountain to an acquaintance who owns a cheese farm on a trail in the Triglav National Park. Some people walk up or bike (hard to imagine) since it’s a challenging drive (one way all the way up so if you meet a car you have to back up or find a way to pass). Fortunately there is very little traffic since only a few people are willing to drive up and hardly anybody lives at the top. The drive was worth it – what a gorgeous place!


We were greeted with pear snapps and cheese (a traditional Slovene greeting) and then we listened as Yani talk about farm, his family history, and the process of making cheese and then sampled various types of cheese.


Tolmin cheese (a distinctive product of this area) ages for 2-3 months before being delivered to the many people who pre-buy it here.


Tolmin Cheese Soca Valley


The Cheese Man Soca Valley

Yani, otherwise known as “The Cheese Man,” (seated to the left) makes Tolmin cheese high in the Alps.


Our lunch stop was tucked away in the smallest of villages along the Triglav National Park trail. Few find their way here since the roads are REALLY tricky and it is a daunting climb on foot. It’s great having Andrej, a local and our Niteo guide, in our company.


For lunch, we ate in an outdoor (covered) area. We enjoyed 5 traditional Slovenian courses that included a soup, bread, cheese and meat, a potato and cheese pancake with risotto, and a dumpling filled with nuts and figs for dessert. Everything was homemade and served with style.



Triglav National park Soca Valley


We took a swimming break in a beach area along the river – chilly, but extremely clear and clean with terrific views of the Alps.



Soca river



Another treat here Slovenia are the number of bee farms in the area. In addition to learning–and tasting!–honey you learn a lot of history. The Soca Valley was one of the frontlines of World War I. So many things happened around this family farm throughout the generations.


One particular highlight of the farm and one you’re not likely to find anywhere else–lime honey! It was delicious. We ate it right from the honeycomb.


Julian Alps Soca Valley


Lime Honeycomb Soca Valley

Lime honeycomb in the Soca Valley.


Bee Soca Valley

A productive member of the hive



No trip to the area would be complete without seeing the Soca River. The aquamarine color in this picture is the way the water really is. Amazing and beautiful!


Bridge over Soca River Soca Valley

Crossing the swinging bridge over the Soca River


Slovenia is a country brimming with beauty, history, and outdoor adventure!


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