The highlight of Christmas morning at our house is opening stockings. Waking up early to find a row gifts-poking-out-the top, too-heavy-to-hang stockings on the hearth is a family tradition. We make a production of it, each person taking turns opening the goodies wrapped and stuffed into the stocking.


Here are a few stocking stuffers perfect for those who love to travel:


Caffeinated Shaving Set

Yep, you’ve got that right. This set of shaving cream and aftershave has a shot of caffeine in it. The 3-ounce size makes them perfect for a carry-on bag.



Mini tripod

My husband loves this flexible tripod with rubberized feet and uses it all the time. It’s small enough to tuck in any bag and weighs just a couple of ounces.



Travel-size games

Travel-size games nearly always make my packing list. Weather happens and the ripple effect of planes being delayed means you may have some extra time on your hands. And when you’re traveling with kids, travel games are a must.



Leather Luggage Tags

Those primarily black bags dropping through the chute on to the baggage carousel can all look the same. Having a distinct luggage tag is fun and fashionable AND it means you’ll be able to spot your luggage more quickly.



Travel Stub Diary

Organize your travel memories with a travel diary. I’m always collecting travel stubs, postcards, and business cards from the places we’ve visited, all with the intention of putting them into a scrapbook someday. Right. This approach makes tucking in memorabilia far easier.



Personalized travel journal

Don’t leave home without it. At least that’s my motto when it comes to a travel journal. Write down memories, thoughts on special places you’ve encountered, and general inspirations in a personalized travel journal.




If you love big sound on the road, pack a pair of mini-speakers. These Bluetooth speakers are perfect. They’re small and expandable and have a built-in rechargeable battery.



RFID travel wallet

Security is a nonnegotiable when it comes to travel. Using a RFID wallet blocks access to personal data on your passport and credit cards. We have several of these. My husband likes a small wallet. This one is large enough to hold credit cards and passports and keeps everything all together.



A Collapsible Water Bottle

Can’t stand paying $4 for a bottle of water at the airport and then having to dump it out before going through security the next time? Pack a travel water bottle that collapses. Save space and money.












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