Thai people take their tea seriously. And sometimes with a lot of sugar. Whether it’s black, green, olong or assam tea, the country is steeped in a tea tradition (pun intended). That tradition, though, includes more than just consuming tea but having a complete tea experience. Here are three Thailand tea experiences you might enjoy.



Thailand tea experience #1 – Tea Plantation


Thailand tea plantation

Overview of a sprawling tea plantation near Chiang Rai



If you love nature and wide expanses of natural beauty, you’ll love experiencing a tea plantation. Northern Thailand is sprinkled with plantations where you can enjoy the outdoors surrounded by rolling hills covered with perfect rows of tea bushes. Watch the tea pickers at their craft, selecting just the buds or the first few new leaves, depending on the type of tea.


When you’re done, head to the tea shop where you can taste of variety of tea. This plantation in Chiang Rai also featured an assortment of sweets and treats for purchase–all made with different flavors of tea.



Thailand tea experience

The perfect place to snap a picture



Thailand tea experience #2 – Tea room

Throughout Thailand, but especially around Bangkok, you’ll find all kinds of different tea rooms, like traditional tea in an historic setting or even a shopping mall tea room! They serve up anything from delicious scones to a more substantial tasting of appetizers. Erawan Tea Room with its sweeping view of the city is one of the most well-known.



Thailand tea experience #3 – Thai tea

If you like your tea strong and sweet, you’ll love what’s simply known as Thai tea. It’s strong black tea, rich with sweetened condensed milk, and served chilled over ice. Its signature orange color usually comes from coloring added to tea leaves before they’re steeped.


Part of this tea experience is drinking it like Thai people often do—to go. Instead of sitting and sipping leisurely, grab your to-go cup at a day market then wander the stalls and shop for anything from spices to brightly colored fabric.


Thailand tea day market

Pouring up a little Thai tea to go



If you’re traveling to Thailand, don’t just drink tea, take a Thailand tea experience!