Summer is a great time to sit back and relax (although come to think it it, I didn’t do a whole lot of that this last week. We had three teenagers in the house and were busy hiking, kayaking, fishing, and playing games.) I digress.


Summer IS a great time to sit back, relax and take stock before fall kicks into gear. As I was taking stock of what’s happened here at Niteo since last summer, I wanted to know…what blog posts resonated with you. What did YOU find interesting? Here are our top 5 blog posts since last summer.



1 – Cultural Connections

Our goal has always been to blend a first-class travel experience with rich, cultural connection. We share what we love. Here are 6 priorities that contribute to the meaningful and culturally rich tour we’re known for.



2 – The Things We’ve Done So You Don’t Have To

I was talking to someone recently who came back from our tour to Italy and just raved about the tour. I was really happy they liked the tour. There’s a lot of work that goes into creating a great itinerary. We don’t just send you on a trip, we try hotels, restaurants, and activities and pick the ones we know you’ll like best. Not everything makes the cut. Here’s a light-hearted behind-the-scenes look at what goes into putting together the perfect itinerary.



3 – Pack Light, Travel Happy: A guide to traveling light

“Good judgment comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgement,” said Will Rogers. Yep, we’ve learned a few things in all of our traveling mistakes. Packing light is maybe the WISEST advice we have for you. Ever wondered WHY bother to pack light or HOW to pack light? Here are a few ideas that will help you enjoy the freedom that comes from traveling light.



4 – In Italy, Coffee Is Serious Business

Some of our blog posts highlight specific cultural factors–and coffee is definitely a key cultural factor in Italy. Italians take their coffee seriously, so if you want to order and drink coffee like the locals, here are a few basics you’ll want to know. The results are so good, you won’t miss the extra frills.



5 – A Family Trip to Halong Bay

Reading a travel journal gives you the advantage of experiencing a place that might be on your bucket list but you haven’t had a chance to visit yet. It’s kind of a sneak peek into a new destination and a chance to learn from what someone else did. If you’ve ever wondered about Halong Bay…What’s it like, what I can do there, and what happens when expectations meet reality, check out this travel journal blog post


Which of your favorite blogs made the top 5? What other blogs really resonated with you?