The door to spring is inching open but it just takes a little longer up here on Minnesota’s frozen tundra. One of these days, I hope to see daffodils and crocuses between snow-drenched patches of green. Those blooms poking up are a sure sign that spring is here for real.


Over the last number of years, and increasingly this past year, more businesses are popping up that link business with purpose. You can buy shoes for a purpose. You can buy coffee and a percentage will be donated to a charitable cause. You can travel with a purpose and volunteer with the Peace Corps. Or according to an article I recently read, you can travel with purpose by “gazing into the stars” or trying out different regional foods. The definition of “purpose” is as wide as the earth is round.


So where does Niteo Tours fall in the purpose continuum and how it is different from other business? And more importantly, what does it have to do with you?

Our Story

We always wanted to be “goers” in the Great Commission. But after laying our plans and pouring our energy into becoming mission workers and heading overseas, God made clear that’s not what he had in mind. Instead, he wanted us to be “senders”, those who support those who go.

After overcoming the initial disappointment, we set out to find as many ways possible to support those sharing the gospel, whether it was through giving or business development. Niteo Tours was born out of that desire.

Core Values = Heartbeat


We didn’t start a tour business and then incorporate elements that give back to communities. We didn’t launch a tour company and then decide to donate profits to those doing good. It was the other way around. The desire to do the latter birthed the company. In our minds, Kingdom work isn’t something we do; it’s who we are.


While the social and physical benefits of those we partner with are admirable, the heart is recognizing spiritual needs as well. And that can be done on so many different levels, beyond just donations.

Vision: Support the work of Christians around the globe through mutually-beneficial partnerships.


What you gain

You might be thinking, That’s great but how does this impact my travel? Glad you asked!

You gain…

  • First-class travel experience at a reasonable price. Great hotels and cuisine and fantastic private guides all come together to make your vacation what you expect and deserve.
  • The joy of discovering out of the way places that you’d never find on your own. Because of local connections, you’ll get the inside look on travel and culture.
  • The opportunity to satisfy your sense of adventure.
  • Confidence knowing your vacation dollars maximize God’s work in countries across the globe.


Thailand beach

A one-of-a kind beach experience in southern Thailand!


How does relaxing on a Thai beach or exploring the Italian countryside benefit others for good?

  • Your vacation dollars provide income for local Christian workers who serve as drivers, guides, and in other travel support industries.
  • It supports businesses who give back. We intentionally partner with businesses that benefit their communities. On your tour you might dine at a restaurant that mentors and employs disadvantaged teens or shop at jeweler whose profits benefits ministry.
  • If you choose, you can make a short stop and meet the local ministry your tour benefits. Through this ministry highlight, you’ll hear stories of what God is doing in that region.
  • On every tour, you have the option of including time for service. Spend a day or more teaching at a school, engaging in English conversations with students, working with village children.
  • Throughout the year, Niteo Tours contributes to ministries in various ways. When you take a tour, you become part of the giving too.


So travel for fun AND travel with purpose. It really does make a lasting difference.

We’ve got a soft spot for kids and many of our partnerships benefit children in need.