My energetic father can’t wait to be back in Italy, sitting with his local friends around an indulgent platter of torta fritta. When vaccines for his age group were released this month, he pounced on the first available appointment, driving several hours through the rain for it. This hot pursuit isn’t just so he can eat at a crowded restaurant or hug his grandkids. I imagine he’s counting on the immunization card to be his golden ticket to travel. Like many other people, he is filled with pent-up dreams.


It’s already February (can you believe it?) and while 2021 is off to a bit of a bumpy start, travel experts expect a rebound of travel later this year—perhaps even an explosion—once it is safe and practical to go. Admittedly, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when that will be. That’s why the Niteo team is simultaneously looking for ways to engage with how things are today and getting ready for what’s coming.


What’s New with Niteo?


New Destinations



It’s exciting to add Norway to our list of destinations! We feel a certain kinship to this country and its people who love to explore. Norway still feels secluded, preserving a strong Scandinavian heritage and a magnificent, untouched natural environment. The wide glacial valleys (fjords), bold rivers, towering mountains, and lush green countrysides are the biggest travel lure. We can’t wait to offer you coast-to-coast views from above and below and even within (if you feel up to hiking). Cultural experiences, museums, fishing, and castles really round out this magnificent new tour.


Norway is a destination that offers astounding outdoor spaces



“We don’t pick travel destinations, they pick us” is a favorite saying we have around the office. Nepal is no exception. Wonderfully gifted local people who were doing good introduced us to Nepal. And, over the years, travelers have expressed an interest in this destination.


Nepal has so much to offer travelers. Wedged between the iconic cultural influences of India and China, there is no shortage of fascinating cultural, religious and architectural features to explore. We imagine you have also heard about Mount Everest? Located in Nepal’s Himalayan mountain range, Mount Everest joins seven other monster mountains, making up the world’s tallest mountains and a bucket list experience for travelers.



Morning at Sarangkot view point near Pokhara in Nepal



Tropical travel that’s close to home is highly attractive to travelers right now. A door has opened up for a fantastic experience with local guides who are doing good in Belize. Snorkel and fish in the second largest reef system in the world, laze in the sun at a beach resort, explore ancient Mayan temples, learn how to make chocolate, spot wildlife in the mountains of the rainforest. Don’t miss the diversity and quality of experiences within this small country!



Find your tropical adventure in Belize


*As always, we are proud to partner for good with local ministry partnerships in every destination.


New Virtual Experiences


Travelers at heart cannot be stopped, even during a pandemic. We are so grateful for the ways you have engaged with Niteo guides and destinations from home and from the classroom. Virtual cooking classes and virtual travel “Around the World” to explore places like Mexico, Slovenia, and Thailand have been well received. Last month a school learned about the history of Slovenia from Andrej, Niteo’s guide in Slovenia. This month, students took an online cooking class with our local Thai expert. Creative ideas keep travel experiences alive and continue to support wonderful partners worldwide.


Risk-Free Booking for 2021


Traveling with trusted friends and family (pod travel) is gaining in popularity.


Look for a couple of new tours for the fall of 2021. We’ve also been working on itineraries for private family and friend tours. Because there’s a lot we don’t know yet about how or when travel will open up, we’re offering risk-free booking* that allows you to book now with the peace of mind that your financial investment won’t be at risk should Covid get in the way of your travel plans.


Risk-free booking* available for your private tours or on these NEW upcoming small group tours…

  • Escape on a Girlfriend Getaway to Italy (September 2021)
  • Capture travel stories and memories through pictures with a beginning photography tour to Slovenia. (October 2021)



*Contact us for more details