The best travel times are one of the most important considerations when you book travel. So, what should you be thinking about before you block off your dates?


Expenses: Slash them during local best travel times

If budget is a consideration, the best travel times occur when prices aren’t at their peak. You can still have a fantastic experience and save between 25-30% on average by selecting a shoulder season. You’ll save on hotels, airline tickets, and even maximize your points and rewards.


As travel has increased, shoulder seasons are not as long as they used to be. But travel experts know from experience and annual re-evaluation when this intersection of best-bang-for-your-buck occurs.



Capitalize on not-to-be-missed experiences

If you’ve got monarch butterflies, northern lights, or a sunset boat ride on the Adriatic on your bucket list, you can’t just show up and expect to get what you paid for. Do your homework first about what’s available when, or better yet, let us do it for you.



Best travel times for butterflies

The butterfly migration in Mexico is a great example of the importance of timing!



Research local holidays, observances and festivals

Do you have Prešeren Day on your mind when you’re booking travel to Slovenia? How about Republic Day in Rome? Niteo Tours plans tours with these in mind. Touring a destination during a special observance can have big impact on your itinerary and budget. You may discover that the food you saw on tv and wanted to try is closed for business that night, or the main square is blocked off for a race, or the hottest ticket in town has lines out the door!


On the other hand, local holidays, festivals and special events can be the REASON you travel. Catching Thailand’s cultural Songkran festival in April or the truffle festival in Umbria may be what you talk about for the rest of your life.



A perfectly planned itinerary can go sideways if it coincides with a public holiday you weren’t expecting.


Forecast the best travel times for optimal weather

We all like to think we’re willing to dress for any weather, but why would you spend money and precious time in order to be miserable? Especially when you don’t have to! Weather has more impact than just personal comfort as well. Climate (temperatures, seasons, and precipitation) can narrow your excursions and dining options. Selecting the optimal windows can give you a higher percentage of success and satisfaction.



Seasonal tropical storms and hurricanes can put a damper on your vacation.

Optimize best travel times to beat out the crowds

There’s seasonal attractiveness to certain destinations. Traveling to Mexico mid-winter in the US, for instance, makes perfect sense. But did you also know that fall is also a highlight in colonial Mexico? Patterns aren’t always what you might guess, so working with an expert keeps you in the know of the best time to travel.


In addition to seasonal awareness, there are trendy destinations. You may notice that certain locations for some reason get on everybody’s radar in a given year. This year, people are crazy about Spain and Portugal. Next year it could be Mexico. Something as simple as a newly released movie or a popular event that showcases a country can drive traffic.


To avoid masses of people, you want to understand the destination, who is being drawn to visit there, and why. As a tour company focused on small group travel and local, authentic experiences, Niteo works to avoid busy times when planning each vacation.


This walkway in Croatia’s Plitvice National Park is rarely empty like it was on this Niteo excursion. On summer weekends it can feel like you are stuck in rush hour traffic.


Choose the best travel times to nurture your “rhythm of life”

Consider the rhythm of your own life. When is it more relaxing for you to take a break? Planning in advance and selecting a time that’s most convenient can make for a more enjoyable trip. You mind can be fully present. Squeezing something in between big projects at work or right before your child’s wedding will only add stress to your life, not relief.


Jumpstart your best travel times today!


Congratulations on nailing down the basics of “when” to travel. Now you’re ready to consider the other important factors: where to go and who to include in your trip.


At Niteo Tours, we partner personally with individual clients and help you nail down these details. Itineraries are crafted with the assistance of vetted local connections.


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