Visiting Kobarid, Slovenia is like visiting Frodo’s Shire. It’s a magical place with lush green hills and topaz blue rivers that make it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. People come to this region of the Soca Valley to be outdoors. Hiking and kayaking are some of the favorite activities.


There’s no one better to introduce you to the region than Andrej, a Niteo Tours guide in Croatia & Slovenia. The first thing you notice about Andrej is his quiet manner and sense of humor. He’s an enthusiast about learning, life, science, trying new things, and watching funny YouTube videos.



An Intellectual

Andrej is fluent in five languages including English, Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian. He studied in Canada where he received his bachelors degree in theology. He also on the way to getting his masters in cultural and religious studies. History and religion are his specialty! When we explored the in’s and out’s of the country, we couldn’t help but notice that Andrej had a handy fact about absolutely everything!



A Local “In”

Andrej was born and raised in Kobarid, Slovenia and, after studying abroad for a time, returned to make the small city his home. That gives him an “in” where most people don’t and a rich perspective on the history and spiritual background where he lives. For Andrej, serving as a Niteo guide isn’t just telling people about a country but rather introducing them to the home he loves and is intimately acquainted with.



We had a chance to ask Andrej a few questions about his country of Slovenia.


What would you like people to know about Slovenia and its people?

Slovenia is a small country with very turbulent history. The Slovene people and territory of Slovenia have been ruled by different nations. Just to give you an example: The 95-year old man in the village next to ours has lived in the same home and has never moved. Yet he’s lived in four different countries.

In spite of this history, Slovenia is also one of the safest countries in the world. People here are very kind and very nice. If you like the history, beautiful nature, kind people and good cuisine Slovenia is definitely the place to visit!


What’s your heart for the people of your city, country, etc.?

Several months ago, I visited a photograph exhibit of our town of Kobarid. My heart ached knowing how many people portrayed in those pictures passed away without knowing Jesus. I would like the entire nation to know Christ!


Besides getting to introduce people to the places you love, how does working with Niteo Tours benefit you?

Working with Niteo Tours is a tool which can help us keep operational in our ministry to plant churches. We don’t have full financial support, so working with Niteo can help supplement our income.


On your next tour to Croatia & Slovenia, you’ll get a chance to meet Andrej and Lydia!